On 5-6 October 2017 in Skopje, International Balkan University will host 80 students from 35 different countries at the 4th International Student Congress ’17. 
In order to keep the long tradition of the International Student Congress of International Balkan University (abbreviated as IBUISC’17), this Congress began with an idea from students for students. As the IBUISC’17 is expanding year by year, this year’s congress will be organized on a university level.
During the past years, great importance was given to scientific research in the field of economics; however, we are honored to announce that this year a development was made in order to include more fields, such as: psychology, political and social sciences, communications, engineering, art and design, law and education. This change was made in order to include students from different educational backgrounds, as well as opening the doors of our event to all students from International Balkan University. As mentioned above, this year’s topic will vary from economics to art and design, given an opportunity to the participants to choose from several proposed topics in the given fields.
The topic “The Creation of the New World in a Globalized Era” of IBUISC’17 was developed due to its variety and flexibility, giving the participants the freedom to choose their preferred field of interest as well as hearing scientific papers including challenges and opportunities from different points of view. The motivation behind the chosen topic was its importance in every aspect of life, the fast-changing societies we live in, and the interconnectedness of people across the globe which is basically the aim of gathering the 50 participants from all around the world to this international event.
Partner and General Sponsor of IBUISC’17 is the Atatürk Cultural Center. 
If you want to learn more on IBUISC’17, visit the website www.isc.ibu.edu.mk
Opening Ceremony:  
5 October 2017, 10:00 – 12:00h, Hotel Holiday Inn Skopje