On 4-5 October 2018 in Skopje, International Balkan University hosted 135 students from 40 different countries at the 5th International Student Congress ’18.
In order to keep the long tradition of the International Student Congress of International Balkan University (abbreviated as IBUISC’18), this Congress began with an idea from students for students. The Congress entitle is “Investing in Youth for a Sustainable Future.” The Congress will be attended by 135 Students from 40 countries.
Participating students from different educational backgrounds, as well as opening the doors of our event to all students from International Balkan University. As mentioned above, this year’s topic will vary from economics to art and design, given an opportunity to the participants to choose from several proposed topics in the given fields.
Dukica Pavlovikj, the President of Congress at the International Student Congress said: “I would like to thank our university and our sponsors who are always with their students and who have always supported us.”
After the President of the Congress, Rector of the university came to the stage. Dr. İsmail Kocayusufoğlu said “It was a very meaningful and special day for me, three years ago I came to my office with three students, they were planning to do our congress which will be the first in the Balkans. This is the point where the participation of 135 students from 40 countries to the world peace of the minds of young minds participating in the future allows us to look at the future with hope.”
Murat Altan Erik, Scientific Research Manager of the Atatürk Culture Center said: “We will present our support for next congresses.”
After greetings speeches,  Keynote speaker Alper Tunga Ersoy made his presentation. In his presentation, he talked about the development of TAV Airports.
At the end of the ceremony; Rector of the University Dr. İsmail Kocayusufoğlu presented a gift the sponsor of the Congress of the representative of the Atatürk Cultural Center, Murat Altan Ekin.
Partner and General Sponsor of IBUISC’17 is the Atatürk Cultural Center.