The Rector’s Board of International Balkan University has adopted the revision of the Academic Calendar of the academic year 2019/2020 for the Spring Semester.

This revision is caused by the measures taken against the pandemic COVID-19 and the announcement of state of emergency in the Republic of North Macedonia for a period of 30 days, starting from 18.03.2020.

Based on the revisions made in the Academic Calendar, exams for Spring Semester shall be administered as follows:

  • Midterm Exam session shall not be held. Points of midterm exam shall be administered by the academic staff independently. The method of the evaluation and grading for the midterm exam for each course shall be defined by the academic staff according to the specifics of the course and the field of study.
  • Final Exam session shall be held in the period 1-12 June 2020 (two weeks)
  • Make Up 1 Exam session shall be held in the period 22-27 June 2020 (one week).
  • Make Up 2 Exam session shall be held in the period 21-26 September 2020 (one week).

Important Remarks:

Final Exam, Make Up 1 Exam and Make Up 2 Exam shall be administered either through online system or physically at the university campus if COVID-19 measures for interruption of the educational process shall end by the given dates. Further notice on the method of the examination shall be announced in due time.

Attendance rule shall be applied during the Online Learning process. All students who attend the online classes are registered automatically in the Online Learning Platform. In this regard, students are urged to join online classes regularly and get their activity points.

Students must complete their financial obligations towards the university in due time, according to the notifications sent by the Finance & Accounting Office in the students’ accounts in Hello! Online System.

Rector’s Board