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ARCH 213 – Acoustics in Architecture; Weekly hours 2+1, ECTS: 4
This course covers the fundamental theories, such as hearing, room acoustics, styles of music and architecture. Through assignments, discussions and projects, students will learn to create acoustic models of the selected/existing buildings as well as analyze the sound qualities in these spaces. Students will be asked to prepare/lead the weekly discussion for a selected topic from the textbook. Introduction; Acoustic and the Performers; Sound propagation; Physics of sound; Acoustics and Musical Periods – Baroque and Classical Periods; Perception of sounds; Sound Measurement; Working with decibels and sound level; Acoustics and Musical Periods – Romantic and Twentieth Century Periods; Acoustical properties of building materials; Noise criteria and effects of noise; Reverberation time/ Impulse response theory Handout; Acoustics and Musical Periods – European Opera; Room acoustics: design for speech; Design of Theaters and Concert Halls Handout.