ARCH 403 – Contemporary Issues in Architectural Theory

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ARCH 403 – Contemporary Issues in Architectural Theory; Weekly hours 2+1, ECTS: 4
The students will be acknowledged to the spectra of ideas and topics, fundamental for postmodern theoretic discourse, facilitating: development of logic skills and responsible attitude in the thinking and communication ways about architecture; to promote open, free, eloquent attitudes between different architectural and urban ideologies in the current theory and practice; to define the status, nature and the system purpose of architectural theory vs. practice in the real context of contemporary architectural production. This course is a critical overview and introduction to contemporary architectural theories in Europe and aims to establish an understanding of the main theories and positions as they have developed over the course of the past five decades. The course examines contemporary architectural theory and criticism through the presentation and study of significant texts and buildings of the present and recent past. The course is structured in three sections. The preliminary observations establish a platform from which we can begin to understand the field of architectural theory and also the historical context just prior to the period we will be focusing on. The chronological overview aims to sketch out both a theoretical and a cultural over view of the decades from 60s of the 20th century until today. The thematic overview delves deeper into a series of recurring themes that have shaped European architectural theories in the past five decades.