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BA 201 – Introduction to Business; Weekly hours: 2+1, ECTS: 5
The purpose  of this  course is  to introduce  students with  the fundamentals  of the  functioning of businesses.  It is designed to expose all students to the many facets of business life both as consumers as well as potential business workers and/or entrepreneurs. This course examines the purposes, organization, and major activities of business operations. Emphasis is placed on understanding relationships of business, government, and the consumer in a global economy. After finishing the course students will have basic knowledge of the following topics: Introduction to Business: an overview; Business formation and practices; Small business management; Successful firms and business leaders; Major activities of business operations; Relationships of business, government, and the consumer in a global economy; Business ethics and social responsibility; Business ethics, leadership and team skills;Competitive global business environment; Business plan writing; Business finance; Business decision‐making; Business operates in our modern political, social and economic environment; International business and the future dimensions of business opportunities in a global economy