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BAF 201 – Analysis of Financial Statements; Weekly hours: 2+1, ECTS: 5
Studying this course will enable students to become familiar with the significance of the analysis of financial statements of enterprises, which are of particular importance to managers and owners, as well as creditors and other external users of these reports. Students will be able to collect, process and use data for analysis, as well as use the data obtained from the analysis for making business decisions. The course program will give explanation on the following topics: Introduction to the analysis of financial reports; Sources of analytical investigation data and their expression; Methods of analysis; Types of analyzes; Analysis of financial statements; Introduction to the financial statements and other forms of financial reporting; Balance Sheet; Income Statement; Cash Flow Statement; Analysis of the financial statements in conditions of inflation; Analysis of financial reports for specific activities; Analysis of the operation of the enterprises; Analysis of the organizational and economic situation of the enterprise; Analysis of operation by phase functions.