IBU-ICSSH18 intends to serve as a platform for a global audience of academics, researchers, and scholars to present their research work and/or on-going research activities in the field of humanities and social sciences, as well as all interrelated disciplines. We invite all interested educators, teachers, linguists, psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors, medical professionals, economists, social workers, artists, PR experts, political scientists, policy-makers, practitioners and entrepreneurs to share and improve their research, to develop business applications, to gain more knowledge of the challenges of global networking, global business and best practices.
We invite you to discuss the latest research and to share your presentations in front of an international audience in a supportive environment that will enable network establishment, and further help you engage and build relationships with academics and researchers from all over the world. Moreover, you will have an extra-ordinary chance to experience the beautiful landscape and cultural richness of Macedonia.
The first edition of ICSSH was held on 13-15 May 2016 in Skopje. More than 300 participants from 15 countries, from Macedonia to Turkey, from Poland to United Kingdom, from Netherlands to Ukraine, from Moldova to Slovakia, from Malaysia to Somalia participated at the conference. In a truly international environment, academics, scientists and researchers presented around 200 scientific papers in various fields such as political sciences, international relations, education, communications, management, business, economics, philology, psychology, legal studies, history and arts.


 Conference Topics
We make a concerted effort to provide participants with opportunities to interact and seek new directions in the broad area of topics, but are not limited to:
Political Sciences, International Relations, Education, Communications, Media, Economics, Business, Management, Philology,
Psychology, Psychological Counselling and Guidance, Law, History, Arts
 Political Sciences

  • Challenges and Hopes in Transformative Times
  • World Politics between West and East
  • Political Processes in Western Balkan countries
  • European Union and Turkey emergent relations
  • Middle East Political situations: Russia coalitions versus USA coalitions
  • World economic crises and responsibility of political leadership
  • Peace and conflict in contemporary world
  • Crises of democracy and collapse of political parties
  • Euro Scepticism, BREXIT and future of European Union
  • Trump and post-politics
  • Catalonia Referendum and transformation of national states

International Relations

  • Multi-cultural coexistence and social inclusion strategies
  • Reduced Inequalities and Human Rights
  • Global Partnership for Sustainable Development
  • Responsibility to Protect
  • Global Policy and Humanitarian Aid
  • Review and Assessment of Policies
  • Strategy for Policy Making
  • Climate Change and its Impacts


  • Education for Full Employment and Human Welfare
  • Distributing Social Power through Education
  • Transdisciplinary Education
  • Education beyond the University
  • Closing the Time Warp in Higher Education
  • Learning as a Way of Life
  • Learning in a Time of Increasing Uncertainty
  • Value-based vs. Value-free Education
  • Network-based Education, Learning Spaces and Learning Communities
  • Technology in education
  • Education for sustainable development
  • Education and lifelong learning

Economics, Business and Management

  • Sustainable Economic Growth
  • Sustainable International Business and Communication
  • Finance, Investment and Sustainable Development
  • International Trade and Economic Growth
  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship
  • Export-led Growth and Sustainability
  • Contemporary versus Traditional Management Practices
  • Managing the Context of the Organizations
  • Organizational Development and Management of Changes
  • Public Investment Policies and Effectiveness
  • Society in the Global Economy
  • Inequality in the Global Economy
  • Challenges of the Finance Integration in the Global Economy
  • Innovation as a Driving Wheel in the Global Economy
  • Regional Economics and Business Development

 Media and Communications

  • Paradigm shift in environmental communication and action
  • Public understanding of environmental issues
  • Bridging the gap between sustainable development policy experts and the
  • general public through effective communication
  • Mobilizing branding for sustainable development
  • Strategic communication for sustainable development
  • Role of Constructive Journalism in ecological disasters
  • Using new communication channels for sustainable development campaigns
  • Creating better informed publics
  • Importance of social media as means for action in environmental campaigns
  • Social media influencers and ecological awareness
  • Communication policy for sustainable development
  • Alternative Journalism and environmental activism
  • Communication and information management in environmental crisis
  • Mainstream media coverage of sustainable development issues
  • Role of information and communication technologies (ICTs)in education for sustainable development
  • The role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) communication in sustainable development issue


  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Current Trends in ELT
  • Learner Autonomy
  • Needs Analysis
  • ELT Methodology
  • ICT in ELT
  • Cultural and Intercultural Issues In ELT
  • Language and culture
  • The Role of L1 in EFL
  • The Value of Self-Reflection In EFL
  • Assessment In ELT
  • Translation and Interpretation
  • Curriculum & Syllabus Design
  • Linguistics (Studies in Morphology; Syntax, Lexicology, Pragmatics, Etc.)
  • History in Literature/Literary History British Literature American Literature
  • Balkan Themes in Literature
  • Stylistic Analyses in Literature and Language Classes
  • Comparative Studies in Literature
  • New Trends, New Names in American And British Literature
  • Philosophy in Literature
  • Teaching literature in the language classroom
  • Literature and Culture etc.

 Turkish Language Teaching (Türkçe Öğretmenliği)

  • Okul Öncesinde Türkçe Öğretimi
  • İlköğretimde Türkçe Öğretimi
  • Türk Dili ve Edebiyatı Öğretimi
  • Özel Eğitim ve Türkçe Öğretimi
  • Türkçe Öğretmeni Yetiştirme
  • Yaşam Boyu Öğrenme ve Türkçe Öğretimi
  • Öğrenme Alanları Eğitimi
  • Dinleme/İzleme Eğitimi
  • Konuşma Eğitimi
  • Okuma Eğitimi
  • Yazma Eğitimi
  • Dilbilim ve Türkçe Öğretimi
  • Dilbilgisi ve Türkçe Öğretimi
  • Çocuk Edebiyatı ve Türkçe Öğretimi
  • Yabancı Dil Olarak Türkçe Öğretimi
  • Yurt dışında Yaşayan Yurttaşlarımıza Türkçe Öğretimi
  • Balkan Türk Edebiyatı
  • Edebiyat ve Kültür
  • Karşılaştırmalı Edebiyat

Psychology and Psychological Counselling and Guidance

  • Psychology in Healthcare Systems
  • Psychology in Organizations
  • Psychology in Education
  • Psychological Support Systems through Life Span
  • Organizational Development and sustainable change
  • Ethics as a background for Psychological Practice
  • Research in Psychology
  • Research in Psychotherapy
  • Refugee Crisis and the Heling Professions
  • Helping the Helpers
  • Psychology and Language
  • Psychological First Aid
  • Psychological Crisis Interventions
  • Psychological Background of Diplomacy – Paying Games and Negotiating
  • Psychotherapy of Everyday Life
  • Psychology and Counselling as a Style of Life
  • Supervision of Psychotherapy and Psychological Counselling
  • Psychological Counselling and Guidance: Emerging Issues
  • Psychological Counselling and Guidance: Contemporary Approaches
  • Psychological Counselling and Guidance at Different Educational Levels
  • Psychological Counselling and Guidance: facing transformative changes
  • Mental Health of Today – Trends and Opportunities
  • Contemporary Research Issues in Psychology – Trends and Opportunities


  • Law and Justice or Law and Equity
  • Transparency, accountability, and corruption vs. democratic deficit on the national and regional level
  • Harmonization of the national legislation with EU Acquis Communautaire
  • Judicial reforms
  • Public administration reforms towards more professional public administration
  • Recent trends in anti-terrorism legislation; police and Judicial Co-operation in Criminal Matters (PJCCM)
  • Emerging migrant crises
  • New generations of human rights in the globalized world
  • Contemporary challenges to the International law
  • Private Law


  • Multiculturalism in History
  • History and Reality
  • History and Myths
  • History Teachings in Era of Changes
  • Contemporary History in Western Balkan, the Influence of West and East
  • Images in History
  • Civilizations, Changes and Societies
  • Perceptions in Historiography


  • Local tradition in Postmodern context of representation
  • Visualization of Identity
  • Archive of cultural values – disputes or mutual understandings: The duality of creation and destruction
  • Art and architecture as sites of intervention in personal, social, and cultural narratives and memories
  • Predatory urbanism and the dispossessed
  • Cultural translations in the diaspora
  • Tracing Erasure
  • Art and Religion: Theology, the sacred and visual culture
  • Art, Craft, Science and Industry in Ottoman Historiographies
  • Beyond Boundaries: Artistic inquiries into borders and their meaning(s)
  • Beyond Disciplinary Borders: History of science and history of art
  • Contemporary Art Histories
  • Difficult Conversations: Collaborative art practices across political divides
  • In/visibility and Influence: The impact of women artists and their work
  • Pop Art and Design
  • Seeing and Hearing the ‘Beyond’: Art, music, and mysticism
  • The National in Discourses of Sculpture in the Modern Period
  • Islamic Art: Past, Present and Future
  • Ruins between East and West, a comparative perspective”
  • On Power in Architecture
  • Art as social responsibility

Main Organizer
International Balkan University, Macedonia
 Keynote Speaker/s
Conference Structure
Opening Conference
Plenary Session
Panel/Section Presentations/Posters/Roundtable/Art Gallery Exhibition
Conclusions and Closing Ceremony
Participant’s Profile
The IBU-ICSSH18 is addressed to academics, researchers and professionals from all over the world, with a particular interest related to the above given topics. Senior and junior researchers are equally welcome. As the nature of the conference is intended to be multidisciplinary, different academic backgrounds are welcome at the conference. Doctoral candidates and young researchers are invited to submit their papers as well.
Registration Form and Submission Procedure
You can register at IBU-ICSSH18 both as a presenter (article presentation) and as a participant (without article, or as an accompanying person).
Please find the Registration Form and Abstract Submission ONLINE

  • Early registration and abstract submission is 28th February 2018.
  • Late registration and abstract submission is 31st March 2018.
  • Abstracts will be reviewed by related scientific committee and authors will be informed about acceptance in due time.

If your proposal is accepted you will be informed for further details in regards to the conference agenda. Upon payment of the registration fee your paper will be scheduled for presentation. If you wish your paper to be published in the conference proceedings, please make sure that a paper is uploaded through the online system by 15th September 2018, which is the deadline for full papers submission.
The abstract should be limited to a maximum of 200 words (body of abstract). The authors are required to clearly state the context and aim of their study including: introduction, research questions/applied scientific methods, data analysis/findings/main results, and suggestions /conclusions as concise summary of the key points of your research (Do not indent). The abstract must have not more than 6 keywords. It must be written and sent as Word Document, via conference website upload system.
Abstract preparation – please follow this checklist:

  • 12-point Times New Roman font
  • Single-spacing throughout the document
  • Top, bottom, and side margins no less than 7/8 of an inch or 2.2 cm
  • title, author’s/authors’ affiliation(s), contact information, and topic of the submission
  • Abstract not to exceed 200 words (please do not include tables, figures and references)

Final Paper Submission Process
If your abstract is accepted for presentation, you are encouraged to submit a full paper by 15th September 2018 for inclusion in the IBU-ICSSH18 Online Conference Proceedings and hard copy conference proceedings. The full article should be submitted in Word format. Final papers should be uploaded to the submission system. Please make sure that your paper is ready to go to press by the submission deadline, having thoroughly read the paper for errors. If English is not your first language then this is especially important. To facilitate easier processing, reviewing, and publishing of all submissions, please follow the checklist below:

  • APA Style Sheet
  • 12-point Times New Roman font
  • Single-spacing throughout the document
  • Double space (instead of indent) to designate a new paragraph or section
  • Top, bottom, and side margins no less than 7/8 of an inch or 2.2 cm
  • Cover page that includes title, author’s/authors’ affiliation(s), contact information, and topic of the submission
  • Title, authors and affiliations repeated at the beginning of the body of the paper
  • Manuscript not to exceed 3000 words (excluding tables, figures and references)
    Manuscripts longer than 3000 words will be returned for editing
  • Graphs and visuals can be reproduced electronically

We express our willingness to adopt the standards of the conference to higher requirements.
On the day of the Conference, the Proceedings of Abstracts of Conference will be distributed with other conference materials. The publication will have an ISSN and will be published online.
Publication of full papers will be carried out after September 2018 for selected papers of participants that have presented an abstract at IBU-ICSSH18.
All above publications will be accessible online through the website of the International Balkan University dedicated to IBU-ICSSH18 (icssh.ibu.edu.mk)
 Important Dates 

Early Registration Deadline:       28 February 2018
Late Registration Deadline:                  31 March 2018
Conference Dates:                 4-6 May 2018
Submission of Full Papers:   15 September 2018

 Participation Fees

  1. Paper presentation fee
  2. Accommodation
  3. Organized Trips
  4. Accommodation for accompanying persons (family members)

*    Co-authors should register as participants with paper presentation in order to receive certificate of
presentation. If they participate without presentation of a paper, they will receive a certificate of attendance.
**   Participants who do not present a paper during the conference receive certificate of attendance.
–     Accommodation is organized in double rooms (double occupancy).
–     Single room accommodation will be charged with additional 25 EUR per night.
Participation fee payments should be done via bank transaction at the following bank account of the International Balkan University:
IBAN:  MK07270701000682116
Remark: Payment by MAIL ORDER is also available. For this method of payment, please contact: +389 23 214 831
2-night and 3-night hotel accommodation shall be offered to all international participants.
 Language of Conference
Language of Conference: English and Turkish
Official language of the Conference is English and Turkish
Abstracts and full papers should be written in English only
 Update Information
Further information updates can be followed from the IBU-ICSSH18 website: icssh.ibu.edu.mk