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CE 101 – Computer Skills; Weekly hours: 2+1, ECTS: 5
Will focus is on delivering training in more basic core areas: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and PowerPoint.  The student will have the opportunity to acquire the basic skills needed to operate a computer. The curriculum includes the following themes: Microsoft Excel Basics: Getting Started with Excel, Cell Basics, Modifying Columns, Rows, and Cells. Formatting Cells, Saving, Creating Simple Formulas, Worksheet Basics, Printing, Creating Complex Formulas, Working with Basic Functions.  Sorting Data, Formatting Tables, Using templates, Working with charts, Applications. Common Tasks in Microsoft Word: Working with Hyperlinks, Working with Shapes. Inserting ClipArt and Pictures. Doing More With Word: Reviewing Documents, Working With Tables, Working With Formulas, SmartArt Graphics, Using a Template, How can you develop your PowerPoint action plan, Common Tasks in PowerPoint, Animating Text and Objects, Inserting Videos, Inserting Audio, Inserting Hyperlinks, Working With Tables, Working With Charts, Reviewing Presentations, Advanced Presentation Options.