CE 102 – Introduction to Programming

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CE 102 – Introduction to Programming; Weekly hours: 2+1, ECTS: 5
The aim of the course is to give some basic terms, concepts, general structure and methodology of programming. The course covers the topics of introduction to machine architecture, introduction to binary operations, computer languages, programming phases, algorithms, flow charts, data types, control structures and some object oriented concepts. Visual Basic programming language is applied during the laboratory classes. The curriculum includes the following themes: Introduction to Machine Architecture: Hardware, Software; System Software and Application Software; Introduction to Binary Operations: Binary to Decimal Conversion, Decimal to Binary Conversion; Binary Operations; Data Types and Identifiers; Expressions; Algorithms; Flow Chart Symbols and structures; Control Structures: If Then Else, Do While, Sub Programs, Input/Output, and Abstraction; Object oriented concepts; Arrays and Strings.