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CE 213 – Information Technology; Weekly hours: 2+0, ECTS: 5
The aim of this course is to give some basic terms and concepts of the information technology. It is geared to draw attention to the important concepts underlying the field of IT, and can steer you to useful supplementary material. As IT is a rapidly advancing technology, the main objective of this course is to emphasize reasonably stable fundamental concepts on which this technology is built. After completing this course, students will be able to: Have good knowledge across the basic concepts of the whole field of IT. Know competitive advantages and strategic information systems. Know evaluation and classification of the information systems. Know about modern and emerging computing systems. Know managing information systems. Learn about both the systems and application software. The course explores the following topics: Introduction to Information Technology; Why Should you Learn About Information Technology? Competitive Advantage and Strategic Information Systems; Strategic Information Systems; Information Systems Infrastructure and Architecture; Memory Storage; Computer hierarchy; Input and Output Technologies; Computer Software and applications; Managing Organizational Data and Information; Database Management Systems; Network and Telecommunications Basics; Network Basics; Network Communications software and Telecommunications applications; IT Ethics, Impacts, and Security.