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CE 307 – Computer graphics; Weekly hours: 2+1, ECTS: 5
This course covers fundamental principles and algorithms underlying computer graphics, including line drawing algorithms, circle/ellipse drawing algorithms, triangle and polygon rasterization, 2D geometrical transformation, 3D geometric transformations, viewing in 3D (orthographic projection and perspective projection), hidden surface elimination algorithms, surface shading, ray tracing, graphics pipeline (including clipping), texture mapping, and brief coverage of advanced topics (computer animation, image-based rendering, and global illumination). It will also provide a brief introduction to openGL. This course is intended for senior computer science students and graduate students who are interested in computer graphics related careers or in learning and applying computer graphics techniques. General introduction to computer graphics; Line drawing algorithms; Triangle rasterization algorithms; Matrices; Viewing in three dimensions; Surface shading; Advanced reflection models; Ray tracing; Texture mapping; Graphic pipeline; Selected advanced topics; Case studies.