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CE 406 – Multimedia web design; Weekly hours: 2+1, ECTS: 5
This course is designed to provide teachers/professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to create Web pages using Hypertext Markup language (HTML) or Macromedia’s Dreamweaver authoring software. The course is specifically designed to develop combined visual layout tools with text-based HTML editing features for the creation, management, and maintenance of Web sites. On the large scale, the purpose of the course is to teach teachers to use telecommunications technology for instructional purposes. Topics covered include basic Internet concepts, creating Web pages, working with graphics, creating links, elements of page design, adding user interactivity, managing your site, using libraries, using templates, creating frames, creating layers, using style sheets, using find and replace, creating forms, animating with timelines and extending Dreamweaver to illustrate and enhance Web page design. In addition, the course will include instruction in the use of Internet services and the fundamentals of Web page design and Web site development. WWW – Design Foundation and Evolution; Variables in the web design environment; Website design principles; Website design process; Planning the site/Information Architecture; Accessibility; Colors and Fonts on the web; Site Navigation; Deployment; Usability and Functional Testing.