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CIV 202 – Statics; Weekly Hours 2+1, ECTS: 5
The objective of the course is the students to understand the concept of the resultant force and momentum, and can solve problems associated with solids in the balance, and the ability to classify the structural systems and idealization of structural systems. Introduction to statics, Preliminary Principles, Forces, Resultant systems of forces, Equilibrium of solid, Structural analysis, Internal forces, Moments of inertia, Center of gravity and centroids, simple beam, Frame system of a simple beam, frame of three joints and a frame with a tightening. Arc with three joints. Supporting line of a Arc with three joints. Arc with a tightening. Intermediate loads; eccentric loads; arbitrary continuous load. Grates. Line bodies. Consequent polygon from rigid rods. Method of distributing momentum. Friction.