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CIV 203 – Fluid Mechanics; Weekly hours 2+1, ECTS: 5
The purpose of the course is for students to get acquainted with the properties of fluids and with their behavior in conditions of rest, movement and transfer of forces. Introduction to the basic differential equations of motion and motion and their concepts settling. The curriculum includes the following themes: Physical characteristics of fluids – density, compressibility, elasticity, viscosity, surface voltage. Resting of fluids – definition of pressure, basic differential equations for resting fluids. Measurement of pressure. Forces from pressure. Fluid kinematics – basic concepts of motion, classification of fluids movements, an equation of continuity. Dynamics of fluids – basic differential
Equations for motion, integration of the fundamental differential equations for motion. Application. Kinetic energy coefficient. Basic Equations for Quantity Movement. Coefficient for the amount of movement. Application. Leakage and resistance mode – Laminar and turbulent leaks. Types of resistance. Reynolds’s equations. Stationary Leakage in pressure systems – leakage through short and long pipelines, internal Pressure in pipes. Stationary leak in open pit – geometric elements of cross section, dynamic equation for stationary uniform flow, curve flow, calm, violent and critical leakage. Hydraulic similarity – an introduction to methods and physical-hydraulic models, similarity theory, dimensional analysis.