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CIV 204 – Strength of Materials; Weekly hours 2+2, ECTS: 6
Students will become familiar with the concept: different kinds stresses, deformations, different types of modules, and stress – deformation depending on the different structural elements: columns, beams, springs, shafts. Introduction, definition of stresses and deformations, types of stresses, fundamental hypothesis and principles. Stresses and deformations in axially loaded items, diagram, dimensioning and permissible stresses, axial loading in statically undetermined problems. Items stressed by a pure shear, analysis and condition of stresses and deformations. Moments in flat surfaces, static moment, inertia moments of elementary and complex cross sections, resisting moment. Stresses from transverse load, normal and tangent stresses, analysis of a condition of stresses, trajectories of main stresses. Stresses in obliquely bending. Condition of stresses in an eccentric action of a normal force, core of a section, Stability of pressed rods, critical buckling force, buckling length, slenderness of rods. Stresses of torsion. Deformations of line beams, differential equation of an elastic line, Mohr’s graph-analytical method, static undetermined beams, definition of an external and internal static uncertainty, decomposition method, tri-moment rule.