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CIV 301 – Theory of Structures I; Weekly hours 2+2, ECTS: 6
Awareness of mathematical modeling of the problem. To get theoretical knowledge for the methods of determination of the internal forces (stresses) in the undefined linear structural systems and the surface beams. What is a structure? Loads. Types of structural elements and systems. Model for calculation of the structure. Influence lines, determination and their application. Deformations of the statically determined systems. Principle of virtual work, operation of the external forces, operation of the internal forces. Betti’s theorem for mutuality of operations. Maxwell’s theorem for the mutuality of the deformations. Analytical determining of deformations. Statically undetermined structures, Characteristic of the statically undetermined structures. Force Method, Degree of static undetermination. Determining of the reactions and the static sizes of the statically undetermined structures. Deformation methods, Defining of the fundamental cinematically determined system. Composition of the conditional equations. Determining of the definitive values of the moments of bending. Theory of surface supports. Basic equations in the theory of elasticity. Types of surface supports. High beams. Slabs.