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CIV 302 – Construction Materials; Weekly hours 2+2, ECTS: 6
Students gain knowledge about experimental and analytical determination of the quantitative parameters of the properties of materials, the method of obtaining the basic raw materials, the technological schemes for the production of various construction materials of organic and inorganic origin, as well as the way of examining their basic properties. The curricula includes the following themes: Characteristics of building materials: classification, composition and structure. Physically properties of the materials. Hydrophysical properties. Behavior of materials on heat action. Other important physical properties: viscosity, constant ice, acoustic properties. Mechanical properties of the materials. Constructive, technological, Rheological, chemical and exploitative properties. Examination of materials. Construction Stone. Ceramic products. Mineral inorganic binders, building plaster, Building lime. Building mortars. Building Glass. Polymers and plastic masses. Metals and metal products. Wood and wood products. Special purpose materials: Waterproofing materials, thermal protection materials, soundproofing materials protection, fire protection materials, anti-corrosion protection materials.