CIV 304 – Geodesy and Geo Informatics Systems

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CIV 304 – Geodesy and Geo Informatics Systems; Weekly hours 0+2, ECTS: 4
Understating of geodesy and its application in solving of engineering problems from the field of civil engineering and geotechnics. Introduction to the measurement techniques in the geodesy. Getting knowledge about WEB GIS and its application as well as GIS Software. Introduction, basic definitions, objectives. Basic parameters of Earth’s ellipsoid. Gauss-Kringer’s projection. Measures for lengths, areas and angles. Scales. Measurement errors. Triangulation. Principles, division, stabilization and signalization of the trigonometric points. Calculating directional angles and lengths. Calculation coordinates of trigonometric points. Theodolite. Methods for measuring horizontal angles. Measuring of horizontal angles and lengths in a polygon net. Calculation coordinates of points in a polygonal net. Determining joint angles of inaccessible trigonometric points. Measuring of lengths using optic and electronic distance-gauges. Measuring using GPS systems. Methods for surveying of the field. Taximetric method. Orthogonal method. Photogrammetric method. GPS and satellite surveying of the field. Nivelman. Introduction to Web GIS. Client/server calculations Client/server Computing. Distributed geographic information services. Geographic Markup Language. Functions of Web GIS. Design of User Graphic Interface. Web GIS Software. Web GIS Data. Applications of WEB GIS.