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CIV 307 – Theory of Structures II; Weekly hours 2+2, ETCS: 6
Judges get familiar with basic concepts and methods of line analysis Systems of carriers, application of the matrix method of deformations and introduction to the method of Finite elements. The curricula includes the following themes: Introduction. Basic concepts and concepts in matrix analysis. Basic principles in Analysis. Principles of virtual work. Energy theorems. Flexibility and Rigidity. Matrices of the flexibility and rigidity of the element-stick. Matrices of Flexibility and rigidity of gentle elements. Matrices of transformations from a local to Global system. Matrix deformation method for analysis of line systems. The matrix of rigidity of the element. Global matrix of rigidity. Loads of elements and Equivalent node loads. Matrix analysis of lattice and frame systems. Special Topics in Matrix Analysis. Analysis of the influence of horizontal loads. An Introduction to the Finite Element Method.