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CIV 308 – Concrete Technology; Weekly hours 2+2, ECTS: 6
Acquisition of knowledge from the theory and technology of concrete, quality of constituents Materials, design of the composition of the concrete-recipe, technological procedures of Preparation, transport, installation, concrete properties. The curricula include the following themes: Introduction. Cement – in general, the basis of the production of Portland cement, mineral phases of
Portland-cement clinker and cement separation. Cement – the basic aspects of The process of hydration of the cement. Water – quality conditions. Aggregate – Basic Conditions for quality, shape and texture of the grains, strength, corrosion resistance of the aggregate. Additives – types of additives, quality conditions. Properties of fresh concrete – selection and composition Concrete, technological procedures for the construction, transport, installation and care of Embedded concrete, concrete production in special conditions of low or high Temperatures. Hardened concrete – general, basic mechanical properties, pressure strength, Brand of concrete, tensile strength, deformable characteristics of concrete, The behavior of multiple multiplying loads, the elasticity module and the Poisson Coefficient. Rheological properties of concrete. Properties of concrete durability. Thermal Properties of concrete. Concrete project – lots of concrete, control of the
production of Concrete.