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CIV 309 – Reinforced Concrete; Weekly hours 2+0, ECTS: 4
The course objective is the students to get knowledge in the field of theory of reinforced concrete and the dimensioning of the reinforced concrete sections and elements. Introduction. Materials for production of reinforced concrete. Concrete, steel, types of reinforcement, reinforcement rules. Methods of calculation of the reinforced steel structures. Aim and flow of the calculation, phases of tensioning, theory of limit states. Reinforced concrete structure systems. Loads and reinforced concrete structure systems, inter-story and roofing AB structural systems, reinforced concrete stairs, beam AB supports, reinforced concrete columns and walls, foundations, reinforced concrete framework supports. Dimensioning of sections in for the limit influences of the normal forces and moments of bending. Centric pressed short elements, centric strained, sections exposed to moments of bending, sections exposed to complex bending, sections exposed to sideways bending, calculation of reinforced concrete slender elements. Calculation of the reinforced concrete sections for the limit state influences of transversal forces and moments of torsion. Sections exposed to transversal forces, sections exposed to moments of torsion. Calculation of reinforced concrete elements according to the limit states of usability. Limit states of cracks, limit states of deformations.