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CIV 310 – Pre-Stressed Concrete; Weekly hours 2+0, ECTS: 4
Getting knowledge about pre-stressed structures, basic design of elements and structures. Introduction. Materials for the making of pre-stressed concrete. Concrete. Steel for pre-stressing. Mixture injection. Classification of pre-stressed steel. Classification according to the way of pre-stressing. Classification according to the level of pre-stressing. Pre-stressing of elements. Systems for pre-stressing. Preparation work for the execution of pre-stressing. Tightening of the reinforcement for pre-stressing. Control over the force of pre-stressing. Calculation of pre-stressed elements. Choice of the cross-sections. Dimensioning of total and limited pre-stressed elements. Proof for limit states of tensioning. Layout of the reinforcement in cross sections. Running of the cables along the beam. Securing the areas where the pre stressed force is applied. Ideal effects of the pre-stressing forces. Real effects from the effects from the pre-stressing forces. Checking of the limit states of bearing capacity and usability. Partial pre-stressed elements and structures. General, choice of the level of pre-stressing. Recommendations for designing according to PNB90. Calculating of partial pre-stressed elements.