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History of Architecture and Art  II

Theory of Architecture

Basic Design

Architectural Design I

Design Studio I

History of Architecture and Art I

Introduction to Architecture

Architectural Design II

Design Studio II

Introduction to Architecture

Architectural Design II

History of Architecture and Art II

Technical Drawing for Engineers

Architectural Design III

Design Studio III

Computer Aided Design

Acoustics in Architecture

Architectural Design IV

Architectural Design V

Design Studio IV

Design Studio V

Landscape Architecture

Architectural Design VI

Design Studio VI (Project I)

Contemporary Issues in Architectural Theory

Urban Planning

Design Studio VII

Planning Studio

Interior Design

Architectural Conservation and Restoration

Sustainable Architecture

Design of Corporate Identity

Website Building

Design of Advertising Materials II

Graphic Solution on Web


Digital photography

Printmaking techniques

Portfolio Development

Philosophy of art

Computer Skills

Introduction to Programming

Advanced programming


Computer architecture

Power, Change, and Technology

Information Technology

Data structures

Information System Design

Operating systems

Database design and management

Computer graphics

Data mining

Data communications and networks

Wireless information networks

Multimedia web design

Software engineering

Artificial neural networks

Formal Languages and Automata

Human Computer Interfaces

Visual programming



Fluid Mechanics

Strength of Materials

Theory of Structures I

Construction Materials

Soil Mechanics

Geodesy and Geo Informatics Systems

Theory of Structures II

Concrete Technology

Reinforced Concrete

Pre-Stressed Concrete

Building Technology and Materials


Infrastructure Structures


Construction Regulations

Introduction to Education

Developmental Psychology

Principles and Techniques of Instruction

Educational Psychology

Classroom Management

Counseling and Guidance in Elementary and High Schools

Educational Methodology

Educational Technology and Material Design


Electrical and Electronic Measurements

Circuit theory I

Electromagnetic Theory

Digital Circuits

Static Power Converters

Utilization of Electrical Energy

Power Systems Analysis

Microprocessors System Design

Electromagnetic Waves

Special Education

Interactive 2D Animation

Publication Design

3D Computer Modeling

Video Production and Effects

Graphic User Interface

3D Computer Animation

Packaging Design

Marketing Research

Drawing and Painting II

Advanced Illustration

Drawing Studio

Digital Art

Painting studio

Sculpture studio

Principles of Modeling

Conceptual Art

Drawing and Painting I

English Language

English Language II


English Literature I

Approaches to ELT

Oral Communication Skills


English Literature II

Listening and pronunciation


Literature and Language Teaching I

Teaching Young Learners I

Literature and language teaching II

Teaching young learners (II)

Analyzing short stories

Language Acquisition

Advanced Reading and Textual analysis

Varieties in contemporary English

Language and society

English Language School

Law and Ethics

History of Modern Art


Technical Drawing

Digital Vector Graphics


Contemporary World History


History of Civilizations

History of Balkans

History of West European


The Balkans in Transition

The Rise and Decline of the Empires

History of Civil Rights Movement

History of Arab-Israel Conflıcts

Introduction to Engineering

Work study

Engineering Economy

Systems Management

Introduction to material science

Problem Solving Strategies

Production planning and control I


Introduction to optimization methods

Systems Modeling

Maintenance analysis

Science and Nature

Production and planning control II

Operations Research

Decision Analysis

Manufacturing processing


Project Management

Occupational Safety and Health Engineering

Equipment in Industry

Principles of Economics

Accounting Principles


Principles of Marketing

Accounting Principles


Theory of International Relations


Analysis of Foreign Policy

European politics and globalization

Theory of Foreign Trade

Advanced Economics

Monetary theory and politics

World International Politics

Marketing Research

Public Finance

International Marketing

Trade Agreements

International Economics

International Transport and Logistics

European Integration Policy


International Monetary System

Contemporary Economic Systems

Philosophy of Law

Roman Law

Law on Obligations

Property Law

Company Law

Law on obligations, Special Provisions

International Private Law

Family and Inheritance Law

Financial Law

Civil Law

European Union Law

Criminal Law

Administrative Law

Law and Information technology

Civil procedural Law

Commercial Law

Maritime and Insurance Law

Criminal Procedural Law

Enforcement of judgments

Bankruptcy procedure

Law of local self


Administrative procedural Law

Environmental law

Principles of Management

Management of Public Non-Profitable Organizations

Management of Organization

Strategic Management

Human Resources Management

Change Management

Financial Markets and Institutions

Financial Management

Management of Projects and Agreements

Negotiations Strategies and Tactics

Quality Management

Mathematics I

Mathematics II

Mathematics for Economics and Business

Linear algebra

Differential equations

Mathematical Modeling

Discreet mathematics

Macedonian Language I

Macedonian Language II

History of Communication and Media

Introduction to Social Media

New Media Theory

Writing for Media

New Media and Politics

Psychological Counseling and Guidance

Life Periods and Life Problems

Multicultural Education

Philosophy of Education

Seminar on Counseling and Guidance

Observation in Schools

Individual and Group Counseling Practice

Vocational Guidance and Counseling

Organization Counseling

Community Services

Computer Aided Education

Physics I

Physics II

Introduction to Law

Introduction to Politics

Peace and Conflict

State Building

Dynamics of Political Changes

Anayasa Hukuku

Constitutional Law

Media and Politics

Din, Devlet ve Siyaset

Religion, State and Politics

Contemporary Political Theories

Process of Public Politics

Introduction to Turkish Politics

Political Parties and Interest Groups

Democracy and Distribution

Political Sociology

Comparative Politics

Local Administration and Intergovernmental Relations

Diplomatic Negotiations

International Organizations

Nations and Borders of Middle East Balkans and Caucasus

Political Sociology

Communication Skills


Interpersonal Communication

Introduction to Public Relations

Organizational Communication

Public Relations: Contemporary Approaches

Theory of Communications

Social Anthropology

Public Relations

Public Relation Campaigns

Correspondence Techniques

Intercultural Communication

Mass Media


Media and Society

Public Speaking and Presentation

Propaganda and Persuasion

Text Writing in Public Relations

Crisis Communication in Public Relations

Communication and Media Ethics

Crisis Communication in Public Relations

Popular Culture

Visual Communication and Culture

Project I

Project II

Introduction to Psychology

Theories of Personality

Cognitive Process

Human Biology

Social Psychology

Personality Psychology

Emotion and Motivation

Clinical Psychology


Health Psychology and Counseling


Organizational Psychology

Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Forensic Psychology

Psychology of Culture

Psychotherapy and Counseling

Psychology of Advertising

Family Psychology and Counseling

Psychological Testing

Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues in Psychology & Counseling

Trauma and Resilience

Psychotherapy and Supervision



History of Religions

Islamic Law

Religion and Science

Religion and Ethics

Research Methodology in Languages

Research methods for natural sciences

Research Methods in Social Sciences

Probability and statistics

Statistics for Social Sciences

Business Statistics; Weekly hours

Turkish Language I

Turkish Language II

Introduction to Literary Studies and Theories

Phonetics and Phonology

Theatre and drama in education

Introduction to Art and Culture

Digital Raster Graphics

Composition & Perspective

Principles of Photography

Philosophy of Art