The results of the questionnaire were conducted in the period 14-20 September 2021 showed that more than 70% of the students and staff have been vaccinated from the pandemic of COVID-19.

0 %
of Students and Staff Vaccinated
educational model for first, second and third cycle studies for the academic year 2021/2022 will be combined with physical presence and online;

domestic students will attend the educational process with physical presence without the obligation for vaccination or PCR tests;

foreign students will attend the educational process with a physical presence or online through our Online Learning Platform.

International Balkan University launched the Online Learning Hub, which provides 100% online education for our students, through real-time interactive video conferencing between professors and students.

We will use the platform of video-conferencing “Zoom” ( where academic staff and students can conduct the educational process in an interactive manner, by using the advantages of technology.In your “Hello Online System” accounts (, a new sub-module entitled ‘E-Learning’ is being activated. Here, you will be able to see your courses and a link from where you will access the online class (meeting) as a host. Students in their Hello! accounts will also be able to view the schedule of the online classes and access them directly from the system.

Additionally, a website is activated with the purpose of sharing useful information towards our staff and students related to the online learning process.A specialized office in the Rectorate building for the Online Learning Hub is active as of 19th March 2020, fully operational for online classes (6 stations with PCs, cameras, headphones and a whiteboard are available for use). Academic staff can use this area for their online classes, but can also deliver their classes online from their homes or offices. It is up to the academic staff to decide which of the abovementioned places they will use while delivering online classes for our students.

With the Smart Classroom Model (Smartboard, sound, and camera systems) that we have installed in our amphitheatres and classrooms, our students will be able to follow their lclasses physically in classrooms or real-time online during class hours.

*course atttendance will be applied in accordance with the university regulations.

  • wearing a face mask all the time in the classrooms and all closed premises at the campus;
  • measuring the temperature at the entrance of all buildings on the campus;
  • disinfection with sanitizers at the entrance of all buildings and all other points of disinfection;
  • social distance (1.5 – 2m) in all classrooms and other premises at the campus.
  • Dine-in small parties of 2-4 people. Avoid table-hopping. Consider dining consistently with the same people rather than a different group at every meal.
  • Plan events outdoors when possible with be careful social distance.

COVID-19 Vaccination Action held at International Balkan University (IBU) in cooperation with JZU Zdravstven DOM Skopje-IPSH Shtëpia e shëndetit Shkup

Dear Students,

Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic, this year IBU does not offer any Erasmus+ Traineeship placements.

We look forward to hosting you when the situation settles down.


International Relations Office

IBU is in communication and coordination with the state authorities in charge of managing the pandemic and their evaluation of the current situation.