Opportunity for Double Degree Studies at IBU!

🤔Would you like to branch-out and multiply your academic and professional skills❓

💁🏼‍♀️We are offering our students the opportunity to engage in dual academic disciplines within their studies, providing our students with the ability to increase their academic capabilities and their positions in the work-force after graduation🎓.
📌IBU is prepared to offer you the possibility to simultaneously study in two different fields in the span of a 4-year academic calendar.
Students shall be provided with further details with regards to the Double Degree Study Programme via the Hello system.

👉🏻You can apply from the Double Degree Request Section that is found under the Request Section on Hello! System.

Double Degree Programs

  • Legal Studies with Political Sciences
  • Legal Studies with Economics
  • Economics with Political Sciences
  • Graphic Design with Architecture
  • Architecture with Civil Engineering
  • Psychology with Psychology Counseling and Guidance
  • English Language with Turkish Language
  • Public Relations and Marketing Communications with New Media and Communications
  • Public Relations and Marketing Communications with Political Sciences