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EE 303 – Digital Electronics; Weekly hours: 2+2, ECTS: 6
This course is designed to teach the students of the fundamentals of digital systems. The students will obtain advanced knowledge of the concepts of digital electronics elements and design, together with the software tools for analysis. The emphasis is put on implementation of digital circuit technology via practical examples for both combinational and sequential circuits. Especially, arithmetic circuits, latches and flip-flops, registers and counters, converters and memory circuits are deeply analyzed. In addition, VHDL language is utilized for the purpose of software implementation of various practical types of these circuits.  Course Contents: Introduction to the digital design and concepts, Implementation Technology for Digital Circuits, Electrical Aspects of Digital Circuits, Introduction to Logical Circuits, Boolean Algebra rules and manipulations, Optimized Implementation. VHDL Examples, Arithmetic Circuits, Design of Arithmetic Circuits Using CAD Tools, Combinational Circuits Building Blocks, Flip-Flops, Registers and Counters, Synchronous Sequential Circuits, Asynchronous Sequential Circuits, Digital Integrated Circuit Design, Examples.