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EFVA 405Sculpture studio: 1+2, ECTS: 4,
Course focus is introducing and acknowledging the basics and principles of Sculpture. This subject teaches the techniques of modeling, construction of objects, their aesthetics and practical use in Art and applied art. The idea is to produce knowledge related to practical work with different materials, solving visual problems like proportion, static, composition, tactility and use of this attributes. Technical and technological use of the sculpture in the field of art and design. The process of creating an object from a sketch to a life-size object. In this class students are involved in the process of modeling-sculpting of a model or a sketch, with a purpose of gaining knowledge of proportions, construction, drawing, statics, elasticity, texture, dynamic and the insight of  the technological process of working with materials such as: clay, terracotta( ceramic),plaster,  metal, stone, wood, plastic, glass and others.