English is the language of instruction at the International Balkan University (IBU). Therefore, all students enrolling/transferring to IBU have to take an English exam in order to prove their proficiency in English. The minimum level is B1 (intermediate level) according to the CEFR for languages.

The English exam for students from Turkey will be held on the following dates:

21st September, 2021

23rd September, 2021


Please register at: https://www.ibu.edu.mk/elstest/ 

  • The exam will be held online, through the Zoom platform.
  • ONE day BEFORE the exam the zoom link and the exact schedule will be sent to each student who has registered for the English exam.
  • Technical equipment: stable internet connection, a functional camera and a microphone.
  • Students will be asked to show their identity card or passport for identification purposes before the exam begins.
  • Exam duration: 10-15 minutes.
  • Passing level: B1 and above


  • Exam format: a speaking exam.

The exam consists of the following parts:

Part 1 : Introduction

Part 2: Compare and contrast two pictures

Part 3: Discussion on a topic related to the pictures.


Students exempted from the English exam include:

  • Students who are absolute/false beginners, elementary or pre-intermediate level in English. These students should automatically register for the English Language School at IBU and study English for a period of one academic year (2021-2022).


Students who have attended an English language preparatory program in 2020-2021 and have passed the final exam (minimum B1 level). A certificate copy should be sent to: els@ibu.edu.mk     

  • Students who hold an internationally recognized certificate such as TOEFL, IELTS, FCE, CPE or CAE. Course certificates issued by private language schools are not accepted.

A certificate copy should be sent to: els@ibu.edu.mk     

Students who have previously studied in a high school or at a university where English is the language of instruction. A certificate copy should be sent to: els@ibu.edu.mk     

  • Students whose mother tongue is English.


The exam can only be repeated in case of technical difficulties confirmed by at least two teachers, an IT expert and the video recording of the exam, so that all suspicions of academic dishonesty are removed.

Registration Form for English Language School Speaking Exam (2021/2022)

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*All exams will be held according to North Macedonia time zone.