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ENG 303 Teaching Young Learners I; Weekly hours: 2+1, ECTS: 4
The course objectives: The differences between young learners and learners at other ages, misconceptions about young learners; learner styles ( visual, auditory, kinesthetic) and strategies (e.g.: metacognitive, cognitive, socio-affective) of young learners; activities (e.g.: puzzles, stories and games, simulations) and audio-visual aids (e.g.: pictures, cartoons, puppets, songs) for the teaching of vocabulary, language skills and structures; selecting and sequencing teaching points and adapting and evaluating materials according to the cognitive and affective development and language level of the learners; classroom management techniques necessary for young learner classrooms. Course content: Background and Issues of Teaching Young Learners; How Children Learn, priorities of Young Learners: Learning and acquisition, First language acquisition, Learning a second (or third) language; Young learners compared with older learners the pupils’ first-language skills, the teacher and the classroom: Management of the pupils, The learning environment. The use of English in the classroom; Recycling language; Varieties of English, Classroom Management, teacher’s approach: Activity-Based Teaching and an Integrative Approach, providing a language context: the importance of context, meaning and purpose; Integrating the, teaching vocabulary and grammar: Teaching and practicing new vocabulary; Teaching grammar, listening skills: Steps to effective listening; Listening activities for the classroom;