Faculty of Communications

  • Public Relations and Marketing Communications (240 ECTS-4 Year)
  • New Media and Communications (240 ECTS-4 Year)
  • Public Relations (60 ECTS-1 Year)

Dean's Message

The world is constantly changing, and today we face challenges unheard of only a short time ago. At the Faculty of Communications (FCOM) at International Balkan University (IBU), we have as part of our mission the goal of building a student-centered learning environment that promotes advanced critical thinking skills, fosters creativity, and instills a commitment to lifelong learning. To achieve that goal, the FCOM has attracted a talented and accomplished group of faculty members who are committed to promoting student success and transformation through high-impact educational practices. These practices encourage students to be active participants in the learning process both inside and outside the classroom.

As university education is essential for success in this new world, Faculty of Communications aims to provide students with strong language and communication skills that together with firm ethical foundation are necessary in becoming a global citizen. Furthermore, capitalizing on IBU’s economic, industrial, and academic connections spanning not only across the Balkans and wider Europe, but also worldwide, our programs require students to complete an internship. This process gives students the hands-on training they need and enables employers to appreciate the quality of training received at FCOM. More importantly, the internship not only develops students’ skills, but also helps them establish personal and professional contacts needed in order to take a step closer towards their chosen carriers. 

During the 2021/2022 academic year, we are offering a new bachelor program in Public Relations and Marketing Communications, and are continuing to enhance our bachelor degree program in New Media and Communications.

All faculty members at FCOM are dedicated to helping students cultivate broad-based abilities for gaining and creating new knowledge as they navigate their professional careers. The multicultural environment at FCOM, and IBU in general, helps students in understanding and appreciating the varieties of human experiences that shape world cultures, and together with the favorable learning environment, produces graduates who are ahead of their competition in both reputation and their ability to succeed.

If you are a prospective student considering FCOM at IBU for your studies, I invite you to explore our website to discover how much we have to offer. Better yet, I encourage you to visit our new campus and experience, firsthand, the dynamic learning environment that faculty, students, and staff have collaboratively shaped.

Sanja Adzaip-Velickovski Assistant Professor / Dean s.adzaip@ibu.edu.mk

About Faculty

As the Faculty of Communication, we are determined to be one of the best communication faculties of our country and region with our qualified education programs, our expert teaching staff, and our technical infrastructure in line with the requirements of the age. In order to achieve this vision we raise the leaders of tomorrow in the field of communication who are aware of their needs, have social sensitivity, acquired sufficient intellectual knowledge, never compromises on ethical principles, have expertise and technical knowledge in the field, meet the changing needs of the business world and society, know the needs of the society in which they live in, support the practice at a universal level, and support the country and society.

Our Programs

Academic Journal

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Art and Communication (IJISAC) “Balkan Art Today” is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published twice a year. 

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