On 04th of December 2017, the FEAS students from Management department have visited the Macedonian Stock Exchange , as a part of the IBU clinical teaching and field visits programme envisaged for the academic 2017/2018 . The visit is related to the academic course “ Financial Markets and Institutions” lectured by assoc. prof. Violeta Madzova.
The host of the visit was Mrs. Katerina Maneva , who initially made a presentation to the student about the Macedonian Stock Exchange organization and work , but has also presented the Stock Exchange’s new products, such as regional trading software ( opportunity for securities ‘ trading with several Balkan countries as well as neighboring EU countries ) as well as the newest product “E-trading” , which enables to the individuals to trade directly on the Macedonian Stock Exchange without brokerage mediation.
The student have had an opportunity to witness the real-time “ Over-the Counter” -trading process of the actual stocks that were subject to trading on the Macedonian Stock Exchange that day. The students were also invited to take part in Macedonian Stock Exchange Virtual Trading the application aimed for students in order to gain practice in securities trading .
At the end several books about Macedonian Stock Exchange and manual for securities trading were given as a present to the International Balkan University.