Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

 B   International Economics (240 ECTS-4 Years)

 B   International Economic Relations (240 ECTS-4 Years)

 B   Banking and Finance (240 ECTS-4 Years)

 B   Management (240 ECTS-4 Years)

 B   E-Business (240 ECTS-4 Years)

 M   International Economic Relations (60 ECTS-1 Year)

 M   Business Administration (60 ECTS-1 Year)

 D   Economics (180 ECTS-3 Years)

  B   Bachelor’s Degree    M   Master’s Degree    D   Doctoral Degree

Dean's Message

Welcome to International Balkan University (IBU) and to the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. (FEAS)!

Whether you are a prospective student, an alumnus looking to continue your further education, a corporate partner seeking qualified candidates, or a researcher looking for educational and scientific cooperation, I trust that you will find useful information for you. Since it is increasingly difficult to survive in this economy without receiving sufficient training to gain specific skills and knowledge in economizing scarce resources , FEAS has developed a unique curriculum that is adapted to the characteristics and requirements of  each student with various career path options, and in an effort to respond to the demands of international job markets.

FEAS offers international oriented education at first and second cycle studies. The study programmes at first cycle are:

International Economic Relations, Management and Banking and Finance, which lead you to the Bachelor of Science degree with 240 ECTS.

The study programme at second cycle are:
Master of Business Administration and International Economic Relations, both offering you Master of Science degree with 60 ECTS each.

Each department puts considerable effort into small-group seminar classes that deliver an educational environment for fostering problem-discovery and problem-solution methods initiated by the students themselves.

We, at Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences believe, very strongly, in interactive and engaged learning, and we offer a robust selection of practical seminars and classes in economics, banking and finance, as well as advanced training through our Internship programme, so the students can develop real-world, applicable skills.

As education today goes beyond the classroom the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at IBU puts at students’ disposal the best tools to enhance your preparation and personal development through the rapid development and growing involvement of students in exchange programmes (Erasmus+ , Mevlana and other programmes) which give our students direct experience of different cultural, educational, and business contexts.

In terms of scientific publications, research projects, and seminar series, our students regularly take part in Student Conferences and Congresses through the network of partner universities in the region and wider, as IBU has international agreement with over 150 Universities throughout the world.

We also invite the students and other interested stakeholders to participate in all extracurricular activities that are continuously organized by the University and by the various students’ clubs and to get involved in the daily life of the Campus.

And finally, our goal at Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, and IBU, is to challenge, disrupt, inspire, and empower the students to achieve their career dreams and step confidently into the world’s job market. We strive to produce future leaders who are innovative, flexible and extremely competent in using business tools and concepts whilst drawing on their understanding of the real world and global awareness.


Liza Alili Sulejmani

Assoc. Prof. Dr. / Dean

About Faculty

With an interdisciplinary approach, the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences educates productive individuals with ethical and social responsibility awareness, equipped with the knowledge and skills that make a difference in the business world, which is globalizing and increasing in competition day by day; and contributes to the production of contemporary scientific and practical knowledge. We train the leaders of tomorrow who meet the changing needs of the business world and society, know the needs of the society they live in, support universal practice, supported by research activities, and gain professional knowledge, experience, and IT-Communication skills in an innovative and sustainable educational environment.

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International Journal of Technical and Natural Sciences is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published twice a year. 

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Our Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences offers a wide range of programs to help you achieve your academic and professional goals. Our Bachelor’s Degree programs include International Economics, Banking and Finance, Management, and E-Business. With a focus on practical, real-world applications, our courses are designed to prepare you for success in today’s global economy.

For those looking to further their education, we offer Master’s Degree programs in International Economic Relations and Business Administration. Our Master’s programs provide students with advanced knowledge and skills in their chosen field, preparing them for leadership roles in their careers.

For those seeking the highest level of academic achievement, our Doctoral Degree program in Economics is designed to help you become an expert in your field. Our program emphasizes research and analytical skills, helping students develop the critical thinking and problem-solving abilities needed to tackle complex economic issues.

At International Balkan University, our goal is to help students reach their full potential and achieve their career aspirations. With experienced faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and a commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to providing our students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in today’s competitive job market.

Apply now to become a part of our community and start your journey towards a successful career in Economics and Administrative Sciences.