Dean’s Message

On behalf of the academic staff of the Faculty of Education, I would like to welcome you on our website. Whether you are a prospective student, a corporate partner seeking qualified candidates, or a researcher looking for educational and scientific cooperation, this is a place for you.

Faculty of Education offers you Bachelor degree study programs: Psychological Counseling and Guidance, English Language Teaching, Turkish Language Teaching and History Teaching, which rewards you with a Bachelor degree of 240 ECTS.

Faculty members are qualified, productive and eager to demonstrate their commitment to the quality of learning and the overall student performance and development by being accessible, encouraging and supportive. Their work and dedication is bounded by high ethical standards, mandatory for each study program. Curriculum requirements and small to medium class sizes afford the students invaluable experiences in planning, team-building and leadership in actual education settings and organizations.

Our students gain a solid academic foundation but also learn how to translate these knowledge and skills in practice through applied courses, case studies and practical works. Clinical and practical teaching opportunities allow our students to participate in real educational situations and gain appropriate professional insights.

Sincerely Yours,

Asst. Prof. Dr. Emin Idrizi


English Language Teaching (240 ECTS-4 Year) Curriculum (Old)  Curriculum (New)

Turkish Language Teaching (240 ECTS-4 Year) Curriculum (Old)  Curriculum (New)

Psychological Counseling And Guidance (240 ECTS-4 Year) Curriculum


English Language Teaching (60 ECTS-1 Year)


Turkish Language and Literature