Faculty of Education

  • English Language Teaching (240 ECTS-4 Year)
  • Turkish Language Teaching (240 ECTS-4 Year)
  • Psychological Counseling And Guidance (240 ECTS-4 Year) 
  • English Language Teaching (60 ECTS-1 Year)
  • Turkish Language and Literature (60 ECTS-1 Year)
  • Turkish Language and Literature (180 ECTS-3 Year)

Dean's Message

Dear interested candidates and students,

The faculty of education at IBU offers the most innovative teaching methodology, integrated with the psychological and pedagogical aspects of the modern-day teaching profession. The most important perspective of faculty of education lies in educating and transforming young individuals into respected teachers and counselors, who with the gained knowledge during their studies, improve not only the theory of teaching but also improve its implementation into practice.
The faculty of Education at International Balkan University consists of three departments: English language Teaching, Turkish language teaching, and psychological counseling and guidance. All three departments are fully focused on the fundamentals of teaching methodology, pedagogy, and psychology. They are fully accredited programs in North Macedonia and are recognized in other parts of the world, including Turkey and the Balkans.

What do we offer?
The Department of English Language Teaching (ELT) offers two programs:
• A bachelor’s degree in English Language Teaching, and
• A Master’s degree in English language Teaching
The BA program is a four-year English teacher program in which students are provided with theoretical as well as practical skills necessary for a contemporary language teaching experience.
The program follows an inter-disciplinary approach that aims for students to get good quality education and training in:
• the field of English language and literature, as well as
• in modern teaching methodology and educational psychology
The MA program, on the other hand, is a one-year postgraduate program that aims to further establish English teachers’ repertoire and understating of theory, practice and research in language teaching and learning.

Having completed their studies, ELT graduates:
• Can work as teachers and instructors in local schools and abroad
• Can establish their own English language schools
• Can provide professional English lessons online
• Can work as interpreters or translators for institutions and organizations, in the country and abroad


The Department of English Language Teaching at IBU also offers CELTA training.
The Cambridge CELTA course is an internationally recognized course that gives you the necessary skills and knowledge to teach English as a second language to adults. The training is provided by fully certified and experienced Cambridge CELTA teacher trainers.
The department of Turkish Language Teaching also offers two programs:
A bachelor’s degree in Turkish language teaching
A doctoral degree in Turkish Language and literature

Students that complete their studies in this department have many possibilities, such as working in private and public schools, in educational centers for research, in Yunus Emre and TEMER (Turkish language and foreign-language), etc.

The department of Psychological counseling and guidance offers a bachelor’s degree in Psychological counseling and guidance. Students having completed their studies may work in the public and private sector as counselors and in Special education centers, in the region, and elsewhere.

The advantages:
IBU is the best private university in North Macedonia in the field of teaching according to the Shangai ranking. The academic staff at IBU is highly qualified and professional.
Students that choose to study at IBU become part of the multi-cultural community setting, since IBU is international. Students also receive scholarships and a full English language teaching setting, accompanied by a very modern campus, in which the teaching process is very innovative.

The opportunities:
Apart from employment opportunities, IBU students also have a wide range of opportunities during their studies such as ERASMUS and MEVLANA exchange, Internships in different educational institutions, special education institutions, the private and public sector, etc.


Seyhan Murtezan Ibrahimi Assistant Professor / Dean smibrahimi@ibu.edu.mk

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