Dean’s Message

Welcome to the International Balkan University faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences!

We hope that you will enjoy your virtual visit of our faculty and university. Meanwhile, we strongly encourage you to come and visit us in person, until then let’s make this virtual journey together!

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at International Balkan University is  situated in the Skopje, where East meets West, and South waves to North, at the interface of rural and urban communities of extraordinary ethnic diversity. Our students benefit from this fertile environment,  by gaining the opportunity to study Psychology, Political Sciences and Religious Studies. They develop knowledge in their discipline area and acquire skills for rewarding and meaningful careers.

The professors at the Faculty work closely with the students and care deeply for their success, With their substantial expertise, they ensure that students are gaining knowledge of the latest developments in their field.

We prepare graduates with the knowledge, skills, and passion to become creative leaders, that capable of functioning in groups and as individuals. I invite you to participate in many of the opportunities offered by the Faculty of Humanities, and Social Sciences at International Balkan University.

Our mission fulfills the Faculty’s uniqueness: “Integrating Humanities and Social Sciences for the Local and Global Societies.”

I  look forward to welcoming you to our faculty and help you achieve your fullest potential as the leaders of tomorrow.

Sincerely Yours,

Prof. Dr. Bejtulla Demiri


Psychology (240 ECTS-4 Year) Curriculum

Political Sciences (240 ECTS-4 Year) Curriculum


Clinical Psychology (60 ECTS-1 Year)