IBU law students of 2nd year accompanied by Asst. Prof. Dr. Nikola Dacev had a great opportunity to visit the headquarters of Halkbank AD Skopje. This visit was organized for the students within the course “Law of Obligations-special provisions”. A comprehensive and highly informative lecture was delivered to the students by the Chiefs of the Division of Risk Collection Liquidation Legal and Information Security. Firstly, a brief historical overview of Halkbank was given to the students, including the development and the enormous success the bank had in recent years, as well as the new products the bank has introduced for its customers. Secondly, the organization structure of Halkbank was presented to the students with brief explanations of the composition and methods of work of the Supervisory Board and Management Board. Thirdly, as the main and essential part of the presentation, the working activities of the Division of Risk Collection Liquidation Legal and Information Security (divided on several departments) were explained to the students, especially the contracts that these departments prepare, like the contract of loan, lease contract, mortgage contract etc. The students also had the opportunity to learn more about the collaterals the bank has when concluding the loan agreements, like movable and immovable items and some new products that the bank offers on the market were also introduced to the students like the bank insurance products that can be used as additional financial protection for both the bank and the clients in the contractual relations. The students also had to opportunity to understand the meaning of the promissory note as a financial security that the bank signs when concluding the contracts with its clients as one of the most important securities used in business relations between banks and clients. Another important aspect of the presentation was the litigation procedure regarding the disputes the bank has with its clients. The reasons for the reduced amount of civil court proceedings, the type of cases and the enforcement procedure were explained to the students, pointing out some interesting examples from practice. The consequences of non-fulfillment of the contracts were also explained to the students, the actions that the bank undertakes when financial arrangements with the clients become overdue and the meaning of enforcement agents in risk collection liquidation and their collaboration with the bank. Questions regarding the interest rates, penalty interest rates for non-payment of the loan were also explained to the students. The students had the opportunity to see a sample of a loan contract written in English language. They showed great interest in this presentation by asking questions and creating a discussion regarding some unclear issues.