Faculty of Law

  • Legal Studies (240 ECTS-4 Year)
  • Political Sciences(240 ECTS-4 Year)
  • Administrative Law (60 ECTS-1 Year)
  • International Law (60 ECTS-1 Year)
  • Business Law (60 ECTS-1 Year)
  • Criminal Law (60 ECTS-1 Year)
  • International Politics (60 ECTS-1 Year)

Dean's Message

The main goal of the Faculty of Law is to provide the students with qualified and comparative knowledge on law and to prepare them as a judge, prosecutor, or lawyer. The faculty of Law has a Legal Studies program for undergraduate students. Besides, the studies are ongoing for getting the accreditation of the 2nd cycle program on legal studies.

Faculty of Law is a new faculty in the International Balkan University but has many students from Turkey and other Balkan countries.  The legal Studies program is attractive for many young people because of teaching language in English and the advantage of providing an international environment. We hope that the Law faculty will attract more attention in the coming years, particularly for the graduate students who look for professional education at the master’s level.

Nikola Dacev
Associate Professor / Dean


Academic Journal

Journal of Law and Politics (JLP) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published twice a year. 

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