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HIST 202 – Contemporary World History; Weekly hours: 2+1, ECTS: 5
The course aim is through class discussions, readings, student presentations, lectures, films, and other presentations we will survey world history from the final year of World War II through the present. The course will be taught using materials on the world-wide-web (web), and all study aids and materials necessary for your successful completion of the course are part of this website, except for the textbook. The impact of ideologies and religions on the world in recent times, The development of political thought, Cold War and its effect on the world, Diplomacy, war, and terrorism, Globalization, its advantages and disadvantages, Basic world geography over the past 63 years, The impact of imperialism and the colonial experience in the world, The United States, Canada, and Latin America, Understanding “isms” (Nationalism, Fascism, Totalitarianism, Socialism, Communism, Capitalism, Imperialism), Causes and Effects of World War II, International Developments in the Post World War II Era, Cold War Era and its Aftermath, Globalization: Its impact on individuals and the global community, Development of Modern Political Thought.