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HIST 403 – History of Civil Rights Movement; Weekly hours: 2+1, ECTS: 5
This course aims to introduce the students with the practice and philosophy of nonviolence, legal, human rights, and public work frameworks for social change. The heart of the course is designed to develop connections  between history  and current  political struggles around poverty, education, race, and class, building on theory and critical thinking to create a historical context for current issues of civil rights. This course is a raw, emotional experience through the lenses of a vivid history that demonstrates that the past is inextricably linked to our current world. The course contains the following topics: The Montgomery bus boycott 1955,The Montgomery bus boycott 1955 “My soul is Rested”, Little Rock Central High 1937, Little Rock Central High 1937 and the University of Mississippi 1962, Sit-ins and freedom rides, 1960-62.Sit-ins and freedom rides, 1960-62 “This was the answer “, The Birmingham movement 1963, SNCC and Mississippi 1960-64, Selma,1965, Selma,1965 “ We must go to Montgomery and see the king”, Black Power and the March against fear 1966, The  Eclipsing of Nonviolence 1963-68, Chronology of the civil rights.