International Balkan University – English Language School is organizing the IBU English Summer School ’18. The School will be accepting students from IBU and outside. All relevant details are given below. Shall you require any further information, please address our ELS Coordinator and Lecturers or send an email to: summerschool@ibu.edu.mk
What you get from IBU English Summer School 2018?
– Level A1 or B1 Certificate
– An unique experience in the heart of Balkans
– Fun and friendly teaching atmosphere
– Interactive speaking-focused courses
– Joyful events and Trips to other cities
2 JULY – 3 AUGUST 2018 (5 weeks, 5 days, 5 hours)
2017/2018 IBU Students (Turkey): 350 EUR
2017/2018 IBU Students (Balkan): 250 EUR
2018/2019 IBU Scholarship Students: 250 EUR
Out of IBU Students (Turkey): 500 EUR
Out of IBU Students (Balkan): 350 EUR
Do you need accommodation in Skopje? We have a Dormitory Offer for you!
– Dormitory Fee: 150 Euro
REGISTER ONLINE NOW! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd7ZRfHrISX-pH_YQ3I2DRvRQ0XnGDoAISQgvFKK-TMW73WVg/viewform
When you complete this Application Form, click on the ‘SUBMIT’ button at the bottom of this page.
if you need more information on IBU English Summer School, please send us an email at summerschool@ibu.edu.mk