We would like to inform you that based on the decision of the governmental institutions to continue the interruption of the educational process as a result of the measures against COVID-19 pandemic, International Balkan University Rectorate has established the IBU Online Learning Hub and has decided to launch the platform for Online Learning, starting from Monday, 23rd March 2020.

For this purpose, we will use the platform of video-conferencing “Zoom” (https://www.zoom.us/) where academic staff and students can conduct the educational process in an interactive manner, by using the advantages of technology.In your “Hello Online System” accounts (http://www.hello.ibu.edu.mk), a new sub-module entitled ‘E-Learning’ is being activated. Here, you will be able to see your courses and a link from where you will access the online class (meeting) as a host. Students in their Hello! accounts will also be able to view the schedule of the online classes and access them directly from the system.

Additionally, a website www.elearning.edu.mk is activated with the purpose of sharing useful information towards our staff and students related to the online learning process.A specialized office in the Rectorate building for the Online Learning Hub is active as of 19th March 2020, fully operational for online classes (6 stations with PCs, cameras, headphones and a whiteboard are available for use). Academic staff can use this area for their online classes, but can also deliver their classes online from their homes or offices. It is up to the academic staff to decide which of the abovementioned places they will use while delivering online classes for our students.

Tomorrow, 19th March 2020, we will have a demo of the system for students and academic staff of the Department of Computer Engineering, according to the regular schedule for Thursdays. Academic staff and students of Computer Engineering in their Hello! accounts can find the schedule and links for online classes.

All academic staff should download ‘Zoom’ for Windows for their PC/laptops in order to use the platform and its set of services.

Download Zoom for desktop here: https://zoom.us/client/latest/ZoomInstaller.exe

We wish all staff good health and pray that pandemic will end soon and our lives will bet back to normal.

Thank you for your cooperation.


IBU Rectorate