IE 303 – Introduction to optimization methods; Weekly hours: 2+1, ECTS: 5
The students will be introduced with the techniques and the applications of the methods of optimization. They will learn about the methods commonly applied in engineering practice. During the course, students will learn to define optimization problem, describe the appropriate relationships and solve the problem using the methods of linear programming and the simplex method. Students will also be introduced with the modern, non-traditional optimization techniques, such as genetic algorithms, a colony of ants, swarming insects, neural networks, etc. Initially, through the general classification of the optimization methods, students will learn about the types of optimization methods. They will learn about one dimensional search methods. The multivariable optimization is given with multivariable optimization with no constraints, multivariable optimization with equality constraints and multivariable optimization with inequality constraints. Each method is illustrated with practical problems in different fields of engineering. Convex programming and linear programming are fully covered with the simplex methods, their algorithms and their practical applications. From the stochastic optimization methods, most attention is paid to the genetic algorithms and their application in engineering.