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IE 406 – Occupational Safety and Health Engineering; Weekly hours: 2+0, ECTS: 4
Appropriate design of various environmental sanitation facilities, health assessment and safety measures and works for the industrial factory workers, officers etc. Controlling work‐related risks. Workable strategy in managing occupational health and safety. After completion of the course, the student should know and be able to do: 1. The student learn about principle of occupational health and safety which is enough for them to work at the basic operational level. 2. The student understand the relationship between occupational health and safety and environmental science. 3. The student can apply the knowledge obtained to the real working situation appropriately and efficiently. 4. The student can apply basic ideas and knowledge for further specialized study in the field. Health and safety foundations; Policy; Organizing for health and safety; Promoting a positive health and safety culture; Risk assessment; Principles of control; Monitoring, review and audit; Incident and accident investigation recording and reporting; Movement of people and vehicles-hazard and control; Manual and mechanical handling hazards and control; Work equipment hazards and control; Electrical hazards and control; Fire hazards and control; Chemical and biological health hazard and control; Physical and psychological health hazard and control; International aspects of health and safety.