IER 102 – Accounting Principles

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IER 102 – Accounting Principles; Weekly hours: 2+1, ECTS: 5
Through this subject we acknowledge, why is accounting so important. We learn how managers, investors, and creditors make use of accounting information. We learn the accounting systems, recording financial transactions, financial analysis, and classification of financial reports. Additionally, we discuss problems related to the estimation of capital, sales expenses, cash flows, etc. The course curriculum contains the following topics: Introduction to accounting ; Preparation of accounting information; Completing the accounting cycle; Financial reports (Balance sheet); Financial reports (Income statement); Financial  reports (Equity statement and cash flow analysis); Analysis of financial reports (financial ratios); Recognition of measurement of elements of financial statements; Accounting for assets, liabilities and Equity; Accounting for cash and receivables; Accounting for inventories; Accounting for long-term assets; Accounting for long-term assets; Fraud and Internal Control; Managerial Accounting.