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IER 307 – Trade Agreements; Weekly hours: 2+1, ECTS: 6
The aim of this course is to give extensive knowledge of all the legal elements of trade agreements, different types of trade agreements and sources of international trade law as well as knowledge of the organizations which are creating the regulations for trade agreements. After finishing the course, students will have knowledge of the concept and scope of international trade law, approaches to unification of international trade, international governmental and non-governmental organizations involved in the creation of the rules of international trade law (Uncitral, Unidroit, Icc) concept and structure of international trade transactions ( contracting with foreign elements – elements of contracts , the concluding stages, negotiation , offer for conclusion of contracts , acceptance of offer, time and place of signing the contract) , an international agreement on trade sales, different types of international trade agreements (contract for international mediation , agreement on  international trade advocacy,  contract on commissions in international trade, contract on international transport of goods, lease contract, contract know-how as an international trade agreement, factoring contract, forfeiting contract, distribution agreement, franchise agreement,  agreement for international shipping, agreement on long-term cooperation, agreement for international bank transfer), methods of payment in international trade ( basic methods of payment in international trade: credit cards, checks, electronic money transfer, paying through commercial banks, letter of credit ), resolving disputes in commercial trade transactions ( judicial arbitration and protection, mediation , negotiation).