International Balkan University is partner and host of the III. International Congress of Social Sciences Research entitled “Research on Language, History, Geography, Literature, Culture, Art and Education in the Balkans”, which will be held at IBU Campus in Skopje on 5-8 September 2018.
On the website below, you may find detailed information about the Congress, as well as the paper submission form:
We encourage your paper submission and active participation at this Congress.

Information about International Congress of Social Sciences Research

The third of the “International Congress of Social Sciences Research” held in Sarajevo in 2015, the second one in Baku in 2017 and continuing as a sustainable international social science activity in cooperation with the International Balkan University and Journal of Anatolian Cultural Studies which will take place in Skopje / Macedonia on 05-08 September 2018.
The Balkans, which Located in the heart of soul geography, are a region where attention is drawn to each period and different scenarios are constructed. To the problems of the region we feel in the depths of our hearts; thus “Research on Language, History, Geography, Literature, Culture, Art and Education in the Balkans” have been defined as themes of the congress to be sensitive as Social Scientists and to produce solution for the region.
In the Congress; Social Sciences, Educational Sciences and Economics and Administrative Sciences will be recognized in 50 different sub-headings.
After full-text proceedings is passed through the referee evaluation process; they will be published as an “e-book” in 2018. The participants also will be able to publish their full papers as article in the “Anatolian Cultural Studies Journal” and “Future Visions Journal” with free of charge.
The 3rd International Conference on Social Sciences Research, aiming to increase international cooperation by bringing scientists from different countries and disciplines together and opening up new horizons for researchers; with the awareness of the responsibilities that fall upon the information age, especially young social scientists and researchers.
Wish to meet in Skopje …