Internal Call for Applications: Erasmus+ Student Traineeships, Summer 2021

Internal Call for Applications: Erasmus+ Student Traineeships, Summer 2021

International Balkan University International Relations Office announces this Internal Call for Applications in the framework of Erasmus+ Programme Action KA103: Student Mobility for Traineeships for the academic year 2020/2021, summer period.

In the framework of the programme Erasmus+ of the European Commission, “International Balkan University” – Skopje announces a call for allocation of grants for students that wish to do their traineeship abroad.

For the realization of mobility, students should select one company in which they wish to do their traineeship. The company must sign an inter-institutional agreement with the International Balkan University prior to the mobility period.

The students are required to:
– choose the country in which they wish to do their traineeship;
– choose a company in which they wish to do their traineeship;
– contact the company and get an invitation letter for the traineeship period;
– find accommodation on their own for the period in which they will realize their traineeship;

– All students are eligible for applying for a traineeship;
– Students are eligible to apply to companies in EU Member States and Candidate Countries for traineeship (Turkey and Serbia);
– Students are eligible to apply only if they have an invitation letter from the company (since in the application form there is a part in which they have to upload the letter);

Please note that International Balkan University does not bear responsibility for your choice of a country or company. We can only recommend you the official Erasmus+ traineeship webpage to help you with your research, but you are not limited to choose your traineeship programme from this webpage: http://erasmusintern.org/

Duration of mobility: minimum 2 months, maximum 3 months

The traineeship must not start before the Final/Make-up Exam week from the 2020/2021 academic calendar

The traineeship must finish before the start of the next academic year 2021/2022

Selection/ranking of students:
Interested students should submit an online Google form application on the following link: https://forms.gle/iYC19yjF1hLYn3Lx7.
The procedure for the selection/ranking of the students will be accomplished by the internal IBU Commission. Candidates will be ranked and selected according to the following criteria:

– GPA and number of failed courses;
– Year of studies and study program;
– The reasons for doing a traineeship abroad;
– Compatibility of host company with the study program of the student;
– Knowledge of English language or the language of instruction of the host university(-ies).

Priority will be given to the students from the third year of studies because the internship is a compulsory course in their curricula and to the students who have not previously been on Erasmus+ Mobility. Only Selected students for mobility should submit the required documents (listed below) for completing their mobility dossier.

Deadline for applications: 10 May 2021

Required documents for mobility for students:

– Invitation Letter (to be uploaded in the online Google Form)
– Transcript of Records (to be uploaded in the online Google Form)

The amount of the grant for students is 670-720 EUR monthly, depending on the country of stay. The traveling expenditures, visa expenditures, and health insurance are not covered by the Erasmus+ grant.

For more information, please contact the International Relations Office at iro@ibu.edu.mk