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LAW 202 Law on Obligations – General Provisions, Weekly hours: 2+1, ECTS: 5
The main objective of the course is to introduce to the students the notion of obligatory law, its sources and principles in international and European law. As part of this course among others, is to familiarize students with the development of this legal branch, from Roman law until today, presenting the basics, types, occurrence, effects, modifications and termination of obligations, as the dominant element of international trade. Attention will be paid to all kinds of obligations (fundamentals of contract law, the foundations of tort law, etc.), with explanation of their essence and application. At the end of course, the students will have knowledge about the fundamentals of the law of obligations and the particular types of obligatory relations and will have the skills needed for the application of the general institutes of the law of obligations in the particular types of obligatory relations. Students will be equipped with the skills of negotiation, of concluding and performing various types of obligatory contracts as well as the studying of the mechanisms for the dispute settlement about the fulfillment of debtor obligations. In torts, students will acquire knowledge about determine the extent of the harm and the recovery of loss. Moreover, students will also acquire knowledge about some other types of obligatory relations (unjust enrichment, unilateral declaration of will, etc.).