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LAW 208 – Family and Inheritance Law; Weekly hours: 2+1, ECTS: 5
The main objective of the course is to give understanding of Family Law and Inheritance Law as a questions and conflict situations in all societies and therefore will be presented as typical issues which are tackled by legal systems with similar or sometimes different conceptual tools. The course will point out some relevant international developments (General Principles of International Family and Inheritance Law and contrast them with the approach followed by the Macedonian Law, EU legislation, USA legislation and etc. Family law and Inheritance law is an introductory course to the law regulating family relationships (inter vivos) and aspects of the inheritance law (mortis causa). The main topics are: Regulation of family relationships (inter vivos) and aspects of the inheritance law (mortis causa); the different regulatory options to the most common concerns and conflict situations in families; the sources of family law both at international and domestic level; family relationships and the main issues concerning the family economy (property aspects); the consequences of divorce, adoption procedure, relations between the spouses or non-married partners; and the rights and duties derived from parenting (parental responsibility).
Inheritance law is intends to provide the students with theoretical knowledge’s that enable them understanding the phenomenon of succession and identifying several phases that will be able to mediate between the opening of an inheritance and his share, to endow them of practical knowledge’s that allow the resolution of concrete succession cases.