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LAW 308 – Maritime and Insurance Law; Weekly hours: 2+0, ECTS: 4
The purpose of this course program is to examine and provide an explanation of the basic principles of maritime commercial law and insurance law. The main topics are following: The history of the maritime commercial law, the legal nature of the ship, its types, real rights of the ship, maritime mortgages, the liability of the transferor of goods, and the owners of the ship, the rights of the captain and the other authorities, the liability and rights of the carrier; Accidents, liability arising from damage, rescue and support; The history of the directives of the Insurance Act, the EU, education and broker, mandatory and voluntary insurance; The insurance policy, its elements, legal nature, signing of policies, the results of non-signing, the insurance contract, the risk selection during the general insurance requirements in different types of insurance, the provisions of the insurance contract, the obligations of the insurer and the insureds, debts and obligations; The obligations of the insurer before and after the realization of the risk.